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Family Based Immigration

California Family Immigration Lawyers

If you are looking to bring your family members, including a spouse, children, parents, or siblings, to the U.S. you may be able to apply for certain types of visas depending on you situation. Under the U.S. immigration law that are certain benefits that may be available for U.S. citizens and individuals with green cards to help reunite their family. If you are seeking the guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer in Northern California, please contact Kaufman & Kaufman to discuss your case.

At Kaufman & Kaufman, Attorney at Law, we have extensive experience working on family-based immigration situations. Our law firm practices exclusively in the area of immigration law with our founding attorneys having a combined 40 years of experience working solely on immigration law.

We provide assistance with filing petitions for visas for your family members and answering questions on the common issues that arise with this process. We help people who may need to adjust their current status because it may be expiring on they want to remove the condition on their residence. We have extensive knowledge of family immigration law and can help you explore what options are available to you.

Regardless of your family immigration needs, it is important to work with an experienced immigration lawyer early on in the process. Visa petitions and other immigration paperwork need to be completed right the first time to avoid future delays and expense. We will work with you on every step the process so that you understand what is happening and what will happen to you throughout the process. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.