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The road to citizenship in America is more difficult than ever before. With changing laws and an uncertain future, immigration law poses difficulties that cause worry to many people attempting to become citizens.

You do not have to travel this road alone, however. Instead, turn to the San Francisco attorneys of Kaufman & Kaufman for help with your U.S. naturalization needs. Our entire team stands committed to helping you realize your dream of United States citizenship.

Our Experienced Citizenship Lawyers Can Help You

We take a uniquely personalized approach to immigration law that our clients greatly appreciate. To help you best, we work with you on a one-on-one basis.

One-on-one attention means working with your attorney directly. That direct access to your attorney is part of our firm's full-service approach to immigration law.

By getting to know you, we can tailor our advice to you so it addresses your own particular circumstances. We can help you assess:

  • Residency requirements
  • Criminal history
  • Application process
  • Eligibility questions
  • Civics test issues

In doing so, we put more than four decades of experience to work on your behalf. With that experience comes the seasoned judgment you can depend on with confidence.

That experience enables us to help you make wise choices even when the law itself is uncertain. You can depend on us to help you see your options and to maximize your rights under the law.

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